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I hear this question a lot from many people, especially from brides to be.
Everyone is entitled to have own opinion. Someone will tell you that professional photographer is that who has expensive camera. Another may say the one who has more than one camera. Sometimes I hear people say professional photographer is that who has huge lens!
In my opinion they are all wrong!
Let me explain you why. 
If you have $10,000 dollars camera and $2,500 dollars lens doesn’t make you true professional photographer if you don’t have 3 very important qualities:
1. Vision
2. Creativity 
3. And most important “ Passion “
Not many photographers besides expensive gear have all these 3 qualities.
Don’t get me wrong. If you have expensive equipment you will make nice, sharp, quality images. But nothing more.
If you have at least first 2 qualities you will produce nice composed pictures.
But in order for pictures tell a story behind it, to show how two people fell in love, you must have 3rd, very important quality – Passion.
You must have a heart and love what you do. Without it - it’s just a pictures.
I know for a fact that for some photographers to shoot a wedding it’s just a rooting, make money. I am not saying that you have do it for free, but you must love what you do, you have to enjoy and become a “part of the family “with Bride and Groom for that day! Because you will see everything inside.
I can proudly say that besides all the top of the line equipment I own and use I also have those 3 very important qualities. And of course it’s for you to decide which photographer to choose for your Special Day!
I would like to thank you all for taking a moment for reading it and also for sharing and passing around this very important in my opinion message.

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My name is Alex. I am the Owner and Professional Wedding Photographer of GLAMOUR STUDIO.
This Contest is a REAL DEAL!. NO SCAM AT ALL.
You will save minimum $1,000.00 ! I am sure you know it since you are shopping around.
The winning couple will receive full 5 hours of photography coverage with the DVD containing edited images plus copyright release from Glamour Studio. You will own the disc and you can do your own printing.

You probably asking a question "Why Am I doing this " ?
The answer is simple - I just want to make someone happy and I will get the rewards from "ABOVE"

All you have to do is :
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2. Visit my website and submit an inquiry with your information and wedding details. Also, please send a quick essay about how it will help you if you WIN

I will have this contest run until August 31, 2015 and will pick a Lucky Winner on September 1 and will make an announcement!


Glamour Studio

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What is Engagement Photo Shoot As most of all brides to be everyone heard from their friends that they had an engagement session or photo shoot.

So What it is?

You have seen the wedding blogs, the bridal magazines, the professional looking shots on Facebook and Instagram of your engaged friends laughing and kissing each other with the sun setting behind them. In photography industry it 's called engagement photography , but essentially it's just a chance for a professional photographer to capture two people in love who wants to share it with the world, or even just between themselves. More than that, it's an opportunity for you to work with your photographer for the first time.

It's an opportunity for you to see how I shoot and for me to get to know you better as a couple. If you haven't had a photographer move within inches of you to take photograph, it can be a bit intimidating at first. It's a good way for me to help you get comfortable in front of the camera so that there are no surprises on your big day.

These sessions can be as fun and elaborate as you would like to make it, so at the end of the day, I would like for you to not only remember the day you had a photo shoot, but also the day you had a great date and had a photographer tag along. These beautiful photographs have been used to create             "save-the-date" cards, on the wedding websites, announcements and even incorporated into wedding day decor pieces.

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The Art of Glamour Photography Boudoir and GlamourBoudoir and GlamourBoudoir and Glamour Photography Boudoir photography is an exciting challenge for a woman to release her inhibitions and reveal her true self: who she is, who she can be, and who she wants to be.

Many people with limited knowledge in photography could be asking what boudoir photography is. Basically, boudoir photography is a technique in photography that generates a set of sensual photos of mature women of all shapes, age and size. This type of photography is also referred to as glamour photography. Boudoir is another name for the bedroom or woman's dressing room. Therefore, the bedroom is the main area where glamour photography is carried out. Nowadays, this type of photography is appreciated by many people as a form of gift. You may find one woman sending such images to her female friends or a bride giving the groom a collection some of these work as a wedding gift. Some will prefer to give away their collection as a Valentine's Day gift or as a birthday present or even at any other time.

The key characteristic of Boudoir photography is to show up a woman's body shape. The images are very attractive and fine-art representation of the customer. Normally, the woman selects what to wear then the images are taken. Some of the most selected wear includes lingerie, sports jerseys or wedding gown. Many photographers will propose jerseys and male attires to help add a guy's taste into the photographs. In some studio, they will allow the woman to show as much skin as she desires while other studio will discourage nudity and allow you to reveal some specific areas.

You do not need to be a professional model to enjoy this photo session experience. All you need is a positive attitude towards who you are. Many women may have problems when it comes to boudoir photography, since they tend to alter their natural appearance by doing a makeover or a tan or even a hair cut before the photo shoot. However, glamour photographers will agree that all that is not necessary. They want to see and explore the real you and celebrate the natural splendor and elegance present in a woman.

The photographers have limited say on this kind photography; they may advice you here and there, but the final decision of how the photographs will be customized depends on you. Women here decide on how much skin is to be shown, how to pose and the kind of attire to wear. This is what has made this type of photography more popular than the rest.

This type of photography is carried out in a studio or at the customer’s location. The customer may have access to make -up artist, hair stylist and any other facility but during the photo shoot, privacy is really emphasized. This is to create a favorable environment, where the woman can calm down and concentrate on how she wants the images to turn out.

More often, the client is allowed to see the photographs immediately after they have been taken to select the final proofs. These final proofs will then undergo digital retouching where trouble areas will be removed. This will in turn give the client a set of photographs that exposes her natural beauty.

If you were wondering what is boudoir photography, now you have a clear picture of how it is done.


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